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Biokos Botu-Like Launch Gathering

17 APRIL 2006

As one of the widely known skincare brands, BIOKOS by Martha Tilaar never ceased to create new innovations. Based on a concept that marries natural ingredients with modern technology, Biokos always offers skincare products that are safe and suitable for the skin types of Indonesian women.

The launch of BIOKOS new product and logo
As a form of commitment from Biokos to increase the quality of its product, Martha Tilaar Innovation Center, in collaboration with Laboratoires MT France, combined the use of active natural ingredients with the latest skincare technology from France. The result was the launching of BIOKOS BOTU-LIKE SERIES. In conjunction with the launch, they also introduce their brand new logo, from :

to become :

BOTU-LIKE SERIES is an alternative skincare product that can give the same effect as a Botox injection: to reduce expression lines that runs the risk of being permanent in between the eyebrows, smile lines, and corner of the mouth.

Botox, or Botulinum Toxin, is usually given through injection to the face to prevent the release of acetylcholine and the muscle contraction of expression lines. The injection of Botulinum Toxin can provide instant results in a matter of days, but it must be done with a Certified Doctor and through an intensive consultation, a failure to do so can result in serious consequences, from eyes that are puffy (as a result of hematoma) and unable to blink to asymmetrical face contour. Other than its relatively expensive cost (IDR2million per shot), the injection can feel quite uncomfortable.

Inspired by Botox, and trying to find a solution to a treatment that requires a certain amount of pain and risk of complications, Biokos Martha Tilaar, now BIOKOS Laboratoires MT Frances, has developed a new product called BOTU-LIKE SERIES. Why the name BOTU-LIKE? It is because BOTU-LIKE contains natural active ingredients (within the formula known as Botu-Like Complex) that work similar to Botox: to prevent the contraction of the face muscle and to reduce wrinkles or expression lines. BOTU-LIKE works to reduce visible and permanent fine lines, wrinkles as well as expression lines, without syringes and pain-free.

Compared to Botox shots, BOTU-LIKE has these extra benefits:
•  It is in the form of serum and cream therefore easier to apply on the skin and pain-free
•  Practical and easier to apply at home without the necessity of a professional.
•  Affordable
•  Other than being able to reduce expression line, Botu-Like Series can also enhance skinís condition (moisture, tautness, elasticity, and filling in wrinkles) so that Botu-Like Series has Dual Action (reducing lines as well as to prevent premature aging).

Strengthen Ties with Outlet
The success of a particular product can be attributed to the collaboration between several parties. One of the parties who hold an important role in selling Biokosí products is the outlet that comprises of cosmetic stores, department stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets.

In conjunction with the launch of the new BIOKOS BOTU-LIKE SERIES, PT. Sari Ayu Indonesia (PT.SAI), as the distributor of Biokos, invited outlet's owners and supervisors from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi to attend the event that was held on Monday, 17 April 2006, at Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The event was officially started at 19.00 WIB and more than 100 invitees attended the outlet gathering of BIOKOS BOTU-LIKE that comprised of outlet's owners and supervisors, as well as representatives from the media and advertisers.

Before entering the Tiara Ballroom, where the event takes place, guests can visit booths of Biokos, Caring Colors, Salon & Day Spa Martha Tilaar, El John, and Puspita Marthaóall offering many interesting discounts, vouchers, etc. Biokos' booth shows an exclusive package of BOTU-LIKE SERIES LIMITED EDITION.

The BOTU-LIKE outlet gathering is a perfect moment to boost the relationship with outletís representatives as well as to introduce the BOTU-LIKE Series. The talk show that was hosted by Erwin Parengkuan welcomes these guest speakers:
•  DR. Martha Tilaar as chairwoman and founder of Martha Tilaar Group, who shares stories about her experience in developing cosmetic products for 36 years, as well as more personal ones that includes her commitment to grow older in natural ways (without injections or face lifting).
•  Mr. Gael Scherbeck as Product Group Leader from Laboratoires Serobiologie France and Wong Lip Wih, PhD, as Sales and Marketing Director of Martha Tilaar Group, who discusses in details about the raw natural ingredients that are used, the benefits and the results of the efficacy and safety test, which ensures the safety and benefits of the product.

Near the end of the event, the Pre-Launch Special Offer was introduced for outlet vendors.  

The deal closed with a door prize session that gives away electronic vouchers, free stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, and Tour Package to Parai Beach Resort.





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